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Product features:
12 combo 10/100/1000/ SFP ports L2 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch
L2 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch
The DGS-3710-12C is D-Link’s next generation high-end multiservice Layer 2 switch. The DGS-3710-12C provides 12 combination 1000Base-T/SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports enabling flexible, high speed connections to metro Ethernet access infrastructure. High-density SFP ports built into the DGS-3710-12C allow users to insert different SFP transceivers providing the necessary fiber connections for creating Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) infrastructure.
Service Provider-Friendly Hardware
The D-Link DGS-3710-12C is designed to be deployed in compact and outdoor Telecom/Network Carriers cabinets. It has a compact 1U rack enclosure form factor with an operating temperature of up to 65˚C. To simplify field installation, and reduce troubleshooting and maintenance, it has all of its access connections located on the front panel. The modular fan and dust filter allows engineers to replace fans and clean the device without having to remove it from the rack or outdoor cabinet. The DGS-3710-12C has all of the features which make network maintenance easier, meaning that the downtime of mission critical services will also be minimized.
Enhanced Network Reliability
The DGS-3710-12C is designed for those who require both a high level of network security and maximum uptime. It supports AC/DC dual power failover, allowing for continued operation regardless of a single power source failure. Other features include 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP), 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) as well as 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP), Loopback Detection (LBD), and Broadcast Storm Control, which enhance network resilience. The G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) function minimizes the recovery time to 50ms. For load sharing and redundancy backup in switch cascading/server attachment configuration, the DGS-3710-12C provides dynamic 802.3ad Link Aggregation Port Trunking.
Comprehensive Security
Security features such as Multi-layer and Packet Content Access Control Lists (ACL), Storm Control, and IP-MAC-Port Binding with DHCP Snooping, create a comprehensive enterprise ready security suite. The IP-MAC-Port Binding feature allows administrators to bind a source IP address with an associated MAC and also define the port number to enhance user access control. With the DHCP Snooping feature, the switch automatically learns IP/MAC pairs by snooping DHCP packets and saving them to the IMPB white list. In addition, the D-Link Safeguard Engine identifies and prioritizes packets handled by the switch CPU to prevent malicious traffic from interrupting normal network flows and protects switch operation.
Identity Driven Network Policies
Authentication mechanisms such as 802.1X, Web-Based Access Control (WAC), MAC-Based Access Control (MAC), or a combination; provide extra flexibility for client identity control. After authentication, DGS-3710-12C can assign an individual policy for each host such as VLAN membership, QoS policies, and ACL rules. In addition, the Microsoft® NAP feature monitors and controls the health of connected clients continuously. With these advanced client authentication and authorization functions, the DGS-3710-12C reduces the risk of malicious attacks inside the network.
Traffic Management for Triple Play
The DGS-3710-12C implements a rich set of multilayer QoS/CoS features to ensure that critical network services like VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV and IP surveillance are prioritized. The Three Color Marker and Traffic Shaping features guarantee bandwidth for critical services even when the network is under heavy load. With strong L2/L3 Multicast support, the DGS-3710-12C is more than capable at handling the growing number of IPTV applications. The host-based IGMP/MLD Snooping feature allows multiple multicast subscribers per physical interface. ISM VLAN sends multicast streams in a multicast VLAN to save bandwidth and provides better security to the backbone network. The ISM VLAN Profiles features allow administrators to bind and replace pre-defined multicast registration information for subscriber ports easily and quickly.
Proactive, Effective Network Management
In order to uphold enterprise customers’ Service Level Agreement (SLA), service providers must reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and increase service availability. Ethernet OAM features address these challenges and enable service providers to offer carrier-grade services. The DGS-3710-12C supports industry-standard OAM tools including IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE802.1ag, and ITU-T Y.1731 Connectivity Fault Management. By providing the tools to monitor and troubleshoot end-to-end Ethernet networks, allowing service providers to check connectivity, isolate network issues, and identify customers affected by network issues, the DGS-3710-12C proves itself an efficient solution.
Inter-operating with IPv4 and IPv6
The DGS-3710-12C is fully compliant with the future IPv6 networks and supports remote IPv6 manageability from telnet, HTTP, or SNMP. It also supports the IPv6 static routing function that allows the inter VLAN connections to offload the tasks of L3 switches. For the security of next-generation IPv6 networks, DGS-3710-12C enables IPv6 ACL, and IPv6 RADIUS functions to help protect the network from unwanted IPv6 clients.
Connect to a Telecom Backbone
The DGS-3710-12C is also built to function as a telecom access switch. It supports many advanced features such as VLAN translation and Selective QinQ that allows for L2 VPN tunnels through the telecom MPLS backbone.
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