USB-to-Ethernet Adapter
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USB Network Connection
The D-Link DU-E10 is an IEEE 802.3 10Mb Ethernet Adapter specifically designed to plug into an available Universal Serial Bus USB port connecting to a desktop or laptop PC running Microsoft Windows 98. The DU-E10 is targeted at computer users that wish to connect to a 10Mb Ethernet LAN using the convenience and ease of USB.

USB Connected, OS Configured
The DU-E10's standard 10BASE-T RJ-45 connector provides a quick and simple method of plugging into an Ethernet network hub or switch. The single type A USB connector allows it to be connected directly to a USB host computer, or a host's downstream USB Hub. Configured directly by the operating system, the DU-H4 operates seamlessly with both Microsoft's OpenHCI and Intel's UniversalHCI.

No Network Card NeededAs a USB device, the DU-E10 removes the need to take up an ISA, PCI, or PC Card slot to add LAN connectivity to a PC desktop or laptop computer. Installation and use are further simplified by living up to USB's out-of-the-box bus approach to connecting computer peripherals. Users will not need to open the case of their computer, nor will they be required to set IRQ's. The DU-E10 will represent the simplest way to network using IEEE 802.3 standard Ethernet.

Quick and Easy Installation
As an IEEE 802.3 10Mb Ethernet adapter, the DU-E10 relies upon the standard Winsock API protocol stack under the Windows 98 operating systems. Directly utilizing an NDIS driver, the DU-E10 ensures compatibility with most network applications under the Windows environment. Automatic enumeration and resource management as defined under USB specification 1.0 ensure that the DU-E10 will install quickly and easily as a standard USB device.

No External Power
Needed Power for the DU-E10 is provided directly by the USB bus, negating the need for an external power adapter. It can be plugged into any USB host or hub port that provides 500mA of current as defined in the USB specifications 1.0 and 1.1 as a high-powered USB device. The DU-E10 supports USB's energy saving suspend and resume functions to minimize power consumption.

Feature Rich Complete Solution
Diagnostic LED's are mounted on the top of the device to provide the user with power state, USB port status, and current Link and Traffic status for the LAN connection. Packaged with all necessary manuals, and a driver diskette, the DU-E10 ensures that the user is able to easily and quickly install and use the device directly out of the box.

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