7-In-1 Card Reader
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Compact All-in-One Solution
With all the different memory cards, it makes sense to get card reader that can read them all. With the D-Link DUB-CR200 compact Card Reader, you have a six in one portable card reader.

The DUB-CR200 Card Reader is designed for use with your digital equipment that has memory cards. With multiple digital devices having their own particular formats, like SecureDigital, MMC and others. The DUB-CR200 Card Reader allows you to get your photos onto your computer fast without plugging your camera into the computer.

Built-in 3-Port USB Hub
In addition to the card slots, the DUB-CR200 also provides 3 USB 2.0 Type A downstream ports for quick and easy access to devices and peripherals with USB support, such as your digital cameras and printers. Configured directly by the operating system, these USB ports operate seamlessly with both Microsoft's OpenHCI, Intel's Universal HCI and USB 2.0 new generation specification EHCI.

Plug-and-Play Use of Use
The DUB-CR-200 Card Reader is simple to use. No software driver installation is needed. You simply plug your Card Reader to your computer, and it's ready to read. No external power adapter is required. The Card Reader can do data exchange among different sockets.

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