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Product features:
The D-Link DAS-3216/RU is a 8-port IP-based DSL Access Multiplexer that provides ADSL access to CPE(consumer premise equipment) ADSL modems/routers from the subscribers. This DSLAM connects to the service provider's network through its Ethernet interface. IP protocol is supported.
For Multi-Unit, Multi-Tenant Buildings
The D-Link DAS-3216/RU IP DSLAM delivers a new generation of high performance DSL services to business and home users. With this device vendors can provide high-speed data and video transmission services to customers.
8 ADSL Ports With Built-in Splitters
The DAS-3216/RU IP DSLAM provides 8 ADSL ports and 8 built-in ADSL/POTS splitters. All ports and splitters are divided into two RJ-21 (Telco-50) connectors. Uplink 10/100Mbps Ethernet port is used to connect DAS-3216/RU to the service provider's network.
VLAN Support for Enhanced Security
The DAS-3216/RU IP DSLAM supports 802.1q Tagged VLAN to provide complete traffic isolation of certain users and to enhance the ADSL network performance.
Versatile Management
A web-based GUI, Telnet, and SNMP v1/v2 of the DAS-3216/RU provide error information, performance, settings and security management. CLI (Command Line Interface) is also provided through an RS-232 out-of-band console port for administrators familiar with DOS-like line commands to quickly set or make changes to configuration. System event log and subscriber information management are provided.
Complete ADSL Solution
The DAS-3216/RU IP DSLAM is a part of D-Link's complete ADSL services solution to DSL service providers. It works with D-Link's extensive range of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), such as ADSL modems and routers. 
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