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4-Port Broadband Router Plus Print Server

D-Link, the worldwide leader in innovative home and business networking, sets a new standard for broadband router performance with the Express EtherNetwork DI-704P.

The DI-704P is an Ethernet Broadband Router with a built-in 4-port switch. It also features a parallel port to share a printer on the home or office network and includes a print server application for Windows1. As many as four computers can be connected to the router's integrated switch, using its four 10/100Mbps AutoMDIX Ethernet ports. The DI-704P package even includes an Ethernet cable to get you started.

The DI-704P is ideal if you're creating your first home or small business network, or if you're a more advanced user looking for additional management settings.

The DI-704P includes a new, easy-to-use D-Link web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to configure the router. To keep prevent unwanted Internet intruders from accessing your private network, the DI-704P also serves as a feature-rich firewall.

So, whether you're a college student who wants to network with friends and roommates, an executive working at home or in a small office, or a concerned parent who just wants to have more control over how your children access the Internet, then the D-Link Express EtherNetwork DI-704P is the networking solution for you, even if you don't know anything about networking.

1a€” Printer Server software included is for Windows Operating Systems only. Postscript Level 1 and 2 printers can be connected to the DI-704P for Macintosh OS 9.x or X computers. The DI-704P does not support non-Postscript printers with Macintosh OS.

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