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The DI-1131 is an extremely powerful router with the abilities for inter-connecting remote Ethernet LANs or for Internet access at up to E1 (2 Mbps) link speeds. The DI-1131 is a new, powerful, low cost fixed configuration solution for Ethernet LAN access to Frame Relay or PPP-MP over Leased Line networks. The DI-1131 supports a single Multi-Mode DB25 interface that can be software configured for V.24, V.35, V.11 or X.21, IP/IPX protocol routing, transparent bridging, NAT/NAPT and Reverse NAPT and DHCP support. It includes an Ethernet LAN Port (with MDI-X cross over port) and a console management port. In the Wide Area Network, security is of utmost importance. The DI-1131 meets your strictest requirements to protect against unauthorized entry by providing in-built firewall protection with D-Link NetProtect Firewall. This allows only specified IP addresses in, blocking all others. The DI-1131 is capable of supporting PPP-MP or Frame Relay, before compression, at speeds up to 2.04

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