Remote Router for SOHO
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ISDN, Frame Relay, Leased Line, Leased Line-Backup
This router is available in a variety of configuration, for ISDN, leased-line, Frame Relay, 10BASE-T, 10BASE2, 10BASE5, with or without compression.

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The router supports spoofing, senses whena remote transaction has ceased and terminates the call, while spoofing the services offered by the servers. When access to the network service is needed, the router automatically and transparently re-establishes and updates the service connection.

Backup LinksThe routers can be linked together ina point-to-point topology using the standard backup link for disaster recovery or witha second active link operating in loadshare mode (on the main link threshold). The routers can also be linked together ina multi-point topology connecting3 or more remote LANs. Its unique closed WAN loop feature allows all sites to be inter-connected for optimal traffic flow.

Supports static routes, learned dynamic routes, and proxy ARP to keep broadcasts off WAN links.

2 levels of dial-up security are provided through XID and password authentication protocols. Firewall protection is also supported.

A menu-based interface supports SNMP MIB-II and Telnet. Flash memory is used for firmware with TFTP download support.


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