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Product features:
Wireless 108G Storage Router

With the D-Link DI-624S Wireless 108G Storage Router, you can create a personal web server for Internet users to access your favorite photos, and share files, music video and printers wirelessly across the rooms at home or in the office. This feature-packed router is equipped with high-speed USB ports for you to attach storage drives and printers to it. Powered by D-Link 108G Technology , it lets your family and office co-workers access files in your storage drives and print documents and web pages on your printers at wireless speeds of up to 108Megabits per second. **

Share Internet Access. The DI-624S Wireless 108G Storage Router creates an 802.11g wireless network and shares a single broadband Internet connection throughout your home or office. Using
its built-in DHCP server, the router allows multiple users to logon to the web without the need to run wires to the broadband modem.

Share Disks and Printers. Through the USB ports, you can attach up to 2 hard disks or flash memory drives to this router as network storage. Files, photos and music can be saved in this network storage and shared across the network through the integrated FTP server or file server function. Or, you can save files in this network storage simply as backup copies. You can also connect a USB printer to this router for other users to access. The shared printer will print out their files or web pages directly from their computers.

Create Personal Web Site. The DI-624S comes with a built-in web server, so you can set up your own web site directly on this router. If you have a fixed IP address, setting up your personal web site
is easy. The DI-624S supports Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS) to facilitate your web site name registration task. With a personal web site, you can now put in things like your family photos for friends from afar to look at through the Internet.

Music and Multimedia Center. With a built-in UPnP AV server, the DI-624S makes it easy to output your digital photos, video clips and MP3 inside your network storage to your high-quality audio/video
system. Photos, streaming video and music output to your TV and stereo system can travel at high wireless speeds of up to 108Mbps from the DI-624S-attached disk drives and with Quality of Service (QoS) Wi-Fi  Multi-Media (WMM) support.

Network Security. The integrated advanced parental control allows everyone in your family to have a fun yet safe time accessing on-line content. For additional security, the DI-624S also provides Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall to help secure and protect your network from hackers and malicious attacks. Wireless data protection and user authentication are provided with WPA-PSK and the advanced WPA2 AES, besides the usual WEP encryption.

Easy Setup. Setting up your DI-624S is a straightforward process using the Setup Wizard and user-friendly web-based management utility. For computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2, take advantage of Windows Connect Now and simplify the configuration of your wireless settings. The DI-624S is Wi-Fi certified for industry wide interoperability, and is backward compatible with any existing 802.11b devices you may already own. The built in 4-port switch provides for ready connection to 4 Ethernet-enabled devices such as additional computers or network printers

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