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Product features:
Optical Fiber Fast Ethernet Card

Reliable Fiber Connection
The DFE-550FX card allows you to establish secure fiber link for your PC.  It can be used to set up a power workstation or a server with a direct fiber connection to a Fast Ethernet switch.  Capable of running at 200Mbps full-duplex, this card serves well in a high electro-magnatic interference environment, providing a cable distance of up to 2 km to the switch.

Wake-On-LAN Power Management
The card supports Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) Wake-On-LAN (WOL), allows your computer to be powered ON/OFF from a remote place.  Providing a great utility for power management of the PC, this function allows the administrator to send a wake-up signal to the computer to initiate action at irregular times and from distant locations.

High Performance
With 32-bit bus master operation, the card guarantees the highest performance.  Bus master transfers data directly between the card and the host at multi-megabits per second, bypass the host CPU to alleviate its workload. 

Flow Control to Minimize Packet Loss
The card's embedded flow control provides a means to protect against possible data loss during transmission on the network.  When connected to a Fast Ethernet switch that supports flow control, the card receives signals from the switch regarding buffer overrun during peak usage periods. 

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