10/100Mbps Adapter With Wake-On-LAN Function
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High Performance
With 32-bit Bus Master operation, the adapter guarantees the highest performance for power workstations and servers.  Bus Master transfers data directly between the adapter and the host at multi-megabits per second, bypassing the host CPU to alleviate its workload.  This allows the host to concentrate on the application at hand.

Wake-On-LAN for Power Management
Wake-On-LAN (WOL) is an Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) function allowing a powered OFF computer to be powered ON from a remote station.  This function allows the administrator to send wake-up signals to a computer.  The WOL function provides a great utility for power management of the PC and allows users to initiate action at irregular times and from distant locations.

10/100Mbps Flexible Connection
The adapter's single connector connects to either 10BASE-T Ethernet or 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet.  10/100Mbps speeds are auto-negotiated, completely without users' need to intervene.

Full Duplex Support
Full/half duplex operations are auto-negotiated in both 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX modes.  When connected to a switch in full duplex, the network speed can be increased to 200Mbps, making the adapter an ideal NIC for high-speed workstation deployment.

Easy Migration
The adapter's dual-interface allows users to migrate from Ethernet to Fast Ethernet in easy steps.  10BASE-T users can upgrade to 100BASE-TX anytime without changing driver software or network cables.

Network Security
Network administrators can install optional boot ROMs on the adapters to implement network security.  Diskless workstations equipped with these ROMs can remote boot from NetWare or
Windows NT servers and access authorized data.

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