Cable/DSL Router With Built-in 4-Port Switch & USB Print Server
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Easy Setup
A simple yet intelligent, web-based setup wizard allows you to quickly set up the DI-704UP for secure computer connection to share high-speed Internet connection, files, resources, games, or just to communicate.

Integrated Fast Ethernet Switch & Print Server
An integrated 4-port switch permits direct connection of 4 computers. In addition, a USB printer port and print server function allow you to share a USB printer among the users to print files from Windows or MacOS.

Advanced Built-in Firewall
To prevent unwanted Internet intruders from accessing your private network, this router also serves as a feature-rich firewall. Filters can be set based on MAC address, IP address, URL and/or domain name. Additional advanced features include pass-through of multiple concurrent IPSec and PPTP VPN sessions for telecommuters or for anyone who needs to transmit sensitive information more securely.

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