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12 SFP Slot Fiber Module for DES-6500 Chassis

The DES-6509 is a 12-port SFP Module for the D-Link® DES-6500 chassis. It uses standards-based 802.3z Gigabit SFP transceivers to meet the demands of today’s enterprise and service provider networking infrastructure. The DES-6509 is the perfect solution for uplinking to servers, storage, or department level switches such as the D-Link xStack® DXS-3200. Fiber media is a great solution because it allows for increased distances over copper cabling. When used with the D-Link DEM-310GT SFP fiber transceiver, a total distance of up to 6.2 mi (10km) can be reached, which is often necessary when running across larger distances such as campuses or multi-building environments. If your situation consists of shorter distances, the DEM-311GT transceiver from D-Link provides Gigabit Multimode connection at distances of up to 1800 ft (550 m).

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