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16-poridne räkitav kommutator

Choices of 16 or 24 10/100Mbps Ports
Two choices of switches are available: one with 16 10/100Mbps ports, the other with 24 10/100Mbps ports. These ports detect the network speed and auto-negotiate between 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T, as well as full- and half-duplex.

Auto-adjustment of MDI/MDIX Cross Over
All 10/100Mbps ports auto-adjust MDI/MDIX twisted-pair cable cross-over, eliminating the need for cross-over cables or uplink buttons.  You simply plug any port to a server, a workstation or a hub, using the usual straight-through twisted-pair cable.  The port will auto-sense the attached device type and adjust the Tx, Rx pin assignments accordingly before transmitting and receiving data.

Optional 100Mbps Fiber Ports
An open slot is provided on the front panel to let you install an optional Fast Ethernet fiber module.  This module provides 2 100Mbps fiber ports for 2 server connections or switch-to-switch cascading over the reliable fiber cables, which can be up to 2km long.

Flow Control Protects Against Data Loss
Using flow control (in full duplex and applicable to all 10/100Mbps ports), the switch monitors the buffer status of each port.  During peak usage, if the buffer fills to capacity, the switch detects this and signals to the attached node to delay sending new data until the switch can accept it.  This operation minimizes the chance of any buffer overrun where incoming data overwrites the current data that has not been completely flushed out of the buffer.  This function works with flow control supported Fast Ethernet adapters (installed in servers) connected to the switch in dedicated bandwidth configuration.  It can also be applied to switch-to-switch cascading.

Easy Expansion
Cascading 2 switches together to expand the network using the twisted-pair ports is easy.  As all 10/100Mbps ports support auto-negotiation of MDI/MDIX twisted-pair cable cross-over, you simply connect 2 switches together without having to find a cross-over cable or to make sure the ports are uplink ports.  At 200Mbps full-duplex speed, all ports provide a fast switch-to-switch dedicated bandwidth.

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