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Hallatav liidetav 2 taseme kommutaator, 20 x 10/100/1000Base-T porti + 4 x 1000Base-T/Mini GBIC (SFP) kombo porti

The DGS-3100-24 switch is a managed Layer 2 Gigabit stackable switch designed as feature-rich, low-cost devices in the entry-level network management category. It consists of 24 Ports 10/100/1000Mbps with up to 20Gbps physical stacking ability. Outstanding features include scalable expansion, 4 combo SFP fiber links, comprehensive network security, granular bandwidth control and extensive network management. SMB looking for a flexible, advanced but affordable solution can deploy these switches to set up Gigabit connections to their desktops or build up a company-wide network backbone.

The switch comes with 2 dedicated HDMI stacking ports, each providing 5Gbps stacking bandwidth (up to 20Gbps for overall system in full-duplex mode, bi-directional). Up to 6 units, 288 10/100/1000Mbps ports can be stacked up in a linear or fault-tolerant Ring topology. A stack can consist of 10/100/1000Mbps switches, 10/100/1000Mbps PoE switches, or a combination of both types, with up to 96 SFP fiber links. Units can be gradually added to the stack to accommodate growth, while expansion beyond a single stack is possible using Gigabit port trunks between stacks, or from stack to network backbone and server paths.

The DGS-3100-24 includes many security features including Access Control List (ACL), 802.1X Port-Based/MAC-Based Access Control and 802.1X Guest VLAN to make network access available to authorized users. To prevent malicious attack and virus/worm affection from overwhelming the switch with unnecessary workload, the DGS-3100-24 provides the D-Link Safeguard Engine function to increase the switch's reliability and availability.

To enhance network resilience, the DGS-3100-24 provides Spanning Tree protocols, including 802.1D, 802.1w and 802.1s for redundant bridge paths. 802.3ad Link Aggregation provides the aggregated bandwidth between switches or server. For Quality of Service (QoS), it supports 802.1p Priority Queues and packet classification based on TOS, DSCP, MAC, IP, VLAN ID and L4 protocol types, enabling Internet voice, video and streaming media applications to run smoothly.

Network administrators can define throughput levels for each port to manage bandwidth. The bandwidth limiting feature provides fine granularity with the ability to define limits down to 64Kbps segments. Broadcast storm control and flow-based bandwidth control can reduce the level of damage that a virus attack can do to the network.The switch provides IGMP snooping and MLD snooping* to control multicast transmission, and port mirroring to facilitate diagnostics.

The DGS-3100-24 supports standard-based management protocols such as SNMP, RMON, Telnet, Web GUI and SSH/SSL security authentication. With DHCP autoconfiguration, the administrator can pre-set configurations and save them in a TFTP server, and individual switches can boot their IP from the server and load in the pre-set configurations.

* MLD snooping available in future firmware upgrade.
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