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The D-View® 6.0 SNMP Network Management System is a software tool that facilitates the central administration of a network with various SNMP-enabled devices. The D-View 6.0 Standard version (DV-600S) is tailored for networks with up to 1000 nodes. Flexible and versatile, D-View 6.0 provides network management to SNMP-based devices, including third party devices.

Automatic Discovery of Network Devices
Administrators can create a topology diagram to graphically represent planned or existing networks with a simple click of a button. Through SNMP or ICMP, a topology is automatically generated from your network devices. Traps can be sent to remote network devices to obtain status information. D-View 6.0 can recognize a device’s standard (SNMP or non-SNMP), type (router or switch, wired or wireless) and network domain. That’s only the beginning of the types of analyses administrators can perform on all their network devices. Import a bitmap of your building’s blueprint and display your network’s topology on top of the blueprint to provide a realistic representation of the network topology.

Batch Configuration or Firmware Upgrades
D-View 6.0 makes switch firmware upgrades and configuration changes easier. Simply select the network devices you wish to upgrade and, with the click of one button, upload your software. This feature is especially useful in setting up a network. It is also useful for maintenance, as a group of switches can be scheduled for the same services: rebooting, port status monitoring, or enabling such features as Spanning Tree or the D-Link® Safeguard Engine™.

MIB Browser/Compiler/Utilities
D-View 6.0 supports third-party devices as well. With the D-View MIB compiler, an administrator can compile and load third-party MIB files into D-View. In this recognizable format, D-View can then communicate with the third party devices making them manageable through D-View. Valuable information can then be polled to provide a complete status of the switch. Even in environments with products from mixed vendors, D-View can still provide a unified management platform.

Network Status – Real Time Management
D-View 6.0 is a useful tool for monitoring network status and performance in real time. It allows trap and alarm notification to be set, and can notify the administrator via e-mail. With the Event Viewer, Filter Setting can extract the exact information needed by event (type or severity), time (all or specific period), device (vendor or type), and source. Trap Log and Filter can be set to facilitate troubleshooting and monitoring.

D-View 6.0 can also present network performance in colorful bars and graphs, displaying easy-to-read charts with percentage of packet flow, types of packets, port flow, and much more, any time you want.

Microsoft SQL Server/Access Format Database
Completely integrate managed devices into your network environment with MIB support. With the MIB compiler and network topology data organized according to the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access formats, you’ll have the option of editing their database using D-View, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Access software.


    Nõuded süsteemile (standartne D-View6.0 versioon) 
  • CPU - 1,4 GHz või suurem
  • DRAM 1 GB või suurem
  • Vaba ruum kõvakettal: 200 MB (minimaalselt D-View süsteemifailide jaoks, v.a. ruum Microsoft SQL andmebaasi jaoks PRO versioonis)
  • Ethernet NIC 10/100/1000 Мbit/s

    Nõuded tarkvarale
  • Veebilehitseja Internet Explorer 6.0 või uuem Microsoft XML Parser ja SDK

    Nõuded operatsioonisüsteemile
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (English version) Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (English version) Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (English version) Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Home/Professional Service Pack 2 (ainult standartse versiooni jaoks)

    Andmebaasi juhtimissüsteemi jaoks (ainult PRO versiooni jaoks)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (English version) Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (English version)
  • Vigade/sündmuste juhtimine
  • Trap Editor
  • Trap Filter
  • Event Configuration
  • Polling Configuration
  • System Log
  • Syslog Server

    Süsteemi juhtimine
  • Performance Monitor (switch should support RFC1213 Interface and RMON)
  • Device Panel Simulation Module
  • Batch Program
  • Link Capacity Check
  • Telnet Configuration
  • Safeguard Check
  • Get All Arp Information
  • Device Type Check
  • Topology Generator
  • Topology Import/Export
  • Hierarchy Topology Manager
  • Device Type Extension
  • Web Configuration
  • Telnet Configuration
  • TFTP file transport
  • MAC Locator
  • Ping

  • Käideldavuse juhtimisfunktsioonid
  • Performance Monitor
  • Report Functions Group including Collector Configuration, Collector and Data Analysis

    Turvalisuse juhtimisfunktsioonid
  • SNMP v3 covering security functions such as packet encryption/decryption, user levels for different classes of access right, MPD (RFC 2572), TARGET (RFC 2573), USM (RFC 2574) and VACM (RFC 2575)
  • SNMP v3 Configuration
  • Device Module Access Right Control
  • NMS System Access Control
  • NMS System Function Module Access Right Control
  • Local and Radius Authentication Modes when Login

    Ressursside juhtimisfunktsioonid
  • Device Resource Manager
  • User Locator
  • Device Locator
  • User Statistics
  • Device Statistics
  • Device System Information Manager (RFC 1213 System)
  • Device Port Status Manager

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