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2 pordiga mini Powerline AV + Adapter
Adapter Powerline AV + DHP-328AV 2-port HomePlug AV compliant and uses the existing home electrical wiring to create a network or extend an existing network 1 . This adapter is connected to a power outlet, allows access to digital media devices, game consoles, print servers, computers and network storage devices anywhere in your home.
The ideal solution for applications that require high bandwidth
Powerline AV + technology delivers data transfer rates up to 200 Mbit / s, ie, at a higher speed compared to conventional devices Powerline AV. Thanks to this device is the ideal solution for applications that require high bandwidth, which provide streaming HD-video, work VoIP-telephony and online gaming without delay. The adapter also provides a mechanism to QoS (Quality of Service), used to prioritize traffic is transmitted. QoS mechanism allows fast transmission media by assigning a high priority to multimedia traffic compared to other data packets.
Easy installation and safety
DHP-328AV plugs directly into a power outlet and does not require additional cables. Expand your home network by connecting multiple devices from the most distant points of the house, or create additional connection by connecting a switch or wireless access point to the adapter. The adapter supports 128-bit AES encryption to protect your network from unauthorized connection to the line. With simple installation Plug-and-Play, DHP-328AV adapter is the perfect solution to create a home network.
Safety and energy savings
If within a period of time not being transmitted or received, DHP-328AV adapter automatically switches to standby mode. To go into power save mode, simply press Simple Connect button twice. To return to normal operation, simply press the button again.DHP-328AV consumes less power than previous devices Powerline, providing automatic energy savings without sacrificing performance.
1 power outlets and wiring to be part of the same electrical system. Some conditions, such as laying electrical wiring, can affect the performance of the product. To add new devices to the network requires additional adapters D-Link Powerline AV. To create a network requires at least two adapters D-Link Powerline AV. Connecting this product to a power strip with a surge protector may adversely affect the performance of the product.  For best results, plug the adapter directly into a wall outlet.
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