מתג לארון 24 פורט 10/100
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 Main Features

  • 24-port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch
  • Optional 100Mbps Fibre Ports - DES-102F
  • Easy Expansion
  • Full/half duplex support for each port
  • Auto-correction of twisted-pair polarity reverse

    Product Description

    The DES-1024R+ rack-mountable switch are designed for the workgroups.
    Each switch provides 24 10/100Mbps ports to connect to 24 workstations and servers. Hubs can also connect to this switch.

    All ports auto-sense the network speed of the computers and hubs to run at either 10Mbps or 100Mbps. All ports auto-negotiate between full and half duplex, flow control, and MDI/MDIX twisted-pair cross over.

    Each switch provides an open slot for you to install 2 optional Fast Ethernet fiber ports to attach to 2 servers or cascading switches over the 2 km long reliable fiber cables.

    Expansion is easy through any twisted-pair port. You cascade several switches together through this port to get more ports.

    IEEE 802.3x Flow Control allows your servers to directly connect to this switch for fast, reliable data transfer. At 200Mbps full duplex, this switch provides high-speed data pipes to your servers with minimum data transfer loss.

    Auto-negotiation of MDI/MDIX cross over eliminates the need for cross over cables or uplink ports. Any port can simply plug to a server, workstation, or hub using the usual straight through twisted-pair cable.

    מאפיינים כללים

    - 24 10/100Mbps ports
    - 1 Expansion slot for 2 optional 100Mbps fiber ports
    - Full/half duplex support for each port
    - Auto-learning of network configuration
    - Flow control in full duplex mode for protection against data loss
    - Back pressure in half duplex mode
    - Auto MDI/MDIX cross over function for each port
    - RAM buffer dynamically allocated for each port

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