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The DVX-7090 VoIP Router is a packet telephony switching system with a full range of features typical for traditional PBXs and a number of additional capabilities.

The DVX-7090 VoIP Router is an affordable branch exchange solution for geographically distributed organizations that eliminates the need to have two separate networks for voice and data and allows telephone communications over the same line that subscribers use for Internet access

The DVX-7090 VoIP Router allows:

  • Call holds
  • Call transfer
  • Conditional and unconditional call forwarding
  • Conference calls (max. 3 participants in the current version of the software)
  • Voice to email delivery
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • Call pick up
  • Call waiting
  • Impersonate function
  • Group calls
  • Codec conversion


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Hardware specifications

·         Form Factor: installation in standard 19 "rack, 1U height

·         Processor: VIA C3 1GHz

·         Memory: 1-144 contact SODIMM, up to 256MB

·         Storage: 1 Card CompactFlash type II 512MB

·         4 port 10/100Base-TX


·         Up to 90 concurrent sessions

·         3-sided conference: up to 5 simultaneous conferences

·         System mode conversion codecs: up to 10 simultaneous calls

Minutes of the establishment of calls

·         H.323 v.2

·         H.245 v.7

·         H.225 v.4


·         RTP / RTCP

·         T.38


·         Support authentication protocol RADIUS *

·         * The function will be available in the future.

Compression vote

·         G.729

·         G.729A

·         G.723.1 5.3 kBit / s

·         G.723.1 6.4 kBit / s

·         G.711 mU-Law

·         G.711 A-Law

Call Options

·         Call Forwarding

·         Call forwarding

·         Hold Call

·         3-sided conference

·         Voice mail

·         DISA

·         Parking a call

Network management

·         Web-management interface

Physical parameters

·         100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

·         Internal universal power supply



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