VOIP Station / Trunk Gateway עם 16 יציאות FXO , כ- 16 יציאות FXS, יציאת WAN, יציאת LAN
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The DVG-4032S is a 19“wide, rack mountable VoIP gateway that carries both voice and facsimile over the IP network. It supports SIP industry standard call control protocols. As a standard user agent, it is compatible with all well known Soft Switches and SIP proxy servers. While running optional server software, the gateway can be configured to establish a private VoIP network over the Internet without a third-party SIP Proxy Server.

The gateway can be seamlessly integrated into an existing network by connecting it directly to a phone set, PBX, key telephone system, fax machine or PSTN line. With only a broadband connection such as an ADSL bridge/router, Cable Modem, or leased line router, the gateway allows you to access voice and fax services over IP which significantly reduces the cost of international and long distance calls.

QoS functionality allows voice and data traffic to flow smoothly while voice traffic is accorded the highest priority. With the TOS bit enabled, the gateway guarantees voice packets will have first priority to pass through a TOS enabled router.

DDNS support makes the gateway accessible using its domain name when IP addresses are dynamically assigned by the ISP. This capability helps users host a website or mail server in a PPPoE or DHCP network. By enabling the CDR function and setting up a simple server, administrators are allowed to log and view all call records including call duration, time and date of calls, and latency..

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          Interface Device

·         16 FXO ports c 1 RJ-21 connector (staffed cable, RJ-11 - RJ-21 to put on his information, FXS / FXO)

·         16 FXS ports with 1 RJ-21 connector (staffed cable, RJ-11 - RJ-21 to put on his information, FXS / FXO)

·         1-port 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 WAN

·         1-port 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 LAN

The types of connections

·         DHCP-Client

·         PPPoE-Client

·         PPTP

·         Cable BigPond (Australia)


·         Server Management phonebook, up to 200 entries IAD


·         Registration port "By Port" "By machine

·         Dialing in the standard E.164

·         Support for the backup SIP PROXY (registration)

·         SIP PING

·         CLIR (Anonymous caller ID)

·         Feature hot line / warm line

·         The functions of the group call

·         Hold, Call waiting

·         Call forwarding: accompanied / unaccompanied

·         Call forwarding: unconditional, busy, no answer

·         3-sided conference

·         T.30 fax pass-through

·         T.38 fax relay

·         Adjustable rate of detection of tones fax

·         Out of band DTMF: RFC2833, SIP INFO

Voice functions

·         G.711 a / u, G.726 (32K), G.729A, G.723.1

·         Adjustable jitter-buffer

·         Adjustable size (depending on the codec)

·         Detection and noise

·         The local phone book can lead to other VoIP devices without registration

·         Speed dialing

·         Restrict calls - to take / refuse to call for IP-addresses

·         ID-generation FXS-Call: DTMF, FSK (Bell core / ETSI)

·         Support button FLASH


·         Web-interface and Telnet, IVR


·         From P1 to Pn

·         From L1 to Ln

·         WAN

·         From LAN 1 to LAN 4

·         Power

·         Alarm

·         Run

Physical parameters
Power consumption

·         From 90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz internal universal power supply


·         442 x 330 x 43 mm

·         Set in 19 "rack, 1U height


·         DVG-4032S: 4.4 kg

Operating temperature

·         From 0 to 45 C

Storage temperature

·         -10 To 55 C


·         Up to 90% non-condensing


·         FCC Class B

·         CE


·         UL

·         CUL

·         En60950

·         2 years 



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