D-Link introduces new high-performance firewall DFL-260E and the DFL-860E Series NetDefend UTM. New devices designed for the sector SMB, capable of providing not only comprehensive protection Networks and perform bandwidth management, load balancing, and monitoring of communication channels.

DFL-260E and the DFL-860E equipped with a 7 and 11 Gigabit Ethernet ports, respectively, of which the DFL-260E - 1 WAN-port, 1 DMZ-port and 5 LAN-ports, and the DFL-860E - 2 WAN-port, 1 DMZ-port and 8 LAN-ports. Both devices are equipped with two USB-reserved ports and one console RJ-45 (connection via RJ-45 to DB9). Updated industrial design devices suggests the possibility of a 19 "rack. Compared with previous models of its category firewalls DFL-260E/860E much to gain in performance on all fronts, including IPS, AV, VPN, and an increase in the number of concurrent sessions. With a powerful processor interconnection screens can implement antivirus and IPS-scan simultaneously without compromising its performance.

Triple Threat Protection UTM, implemented in firewalls series NetDefend UTM, includes: a highly effective prevention against known attacks and zero-day attacks based on the technology component signatures IPS; streaming AV-scanning with signatures from Kaspersky Labs without saving incoming files in cache ; WEB-content filtering, server-based global index, "black lists" of policies and settings. Relevance and effectiveness of databases NetDefend UTM supports service updates are available at the center of the security NetDefend D-Link http://security.dlink.com.tw.

Built-in VPN support allows you to organize IPSec-, PPTP-and L2TP-tunnels for secure remote access to corporate data using encryption DES.

DFL-860E supports Zone-Defense, which when working together with certain Series switches xStack D-Link allows you to block infected computers and prevent the proliferation of malicious traffic on the internal network.

DFL-260E and the DFL-860E support management through the WEB-interface, a console or a remote SSH-access. Among the supported features - backup communication Route Fail-Over, guaranteeing the availability of Internet access even in case of violation of one of the channels of communication, load balancing, bandwidth management, setting access policies and support for SNMP. For network monitoring provided: consistency checks, keeping a log, a notice on the e-mail IDP-events, view statistics in real time.

Energy saving technology of D-Link Green, which is used in firewalls, DFL-260E and the DFL-860E, optimizes power consumption, depending on the length of the connected Ethernet-cable connection status.

DFL-260E and the DFL-860E are available for order from authorized resellers of D-Link.