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With businesses becoming increasingly network-dependent, your investment in a reliable network security solution becomes crucial. D-Link NetDefend presents you a series of  powerful next-generation business-class network security solutions. NetDefend addresses your growing concerns over network security, hacker attacks, virus threats and increasing privacy demands. Each firewall in this series can offer you a high return on investment through robust security features, flexible configuration and maximum network protection.

D-Link NetDefend firewalls provide you with the assurance of a dedicated network security solution, with integrated functions including firewall, load balance, fault tolerance, ZoneDefense, content filtering, user authentication, instant message and peer-to-peer application blocking, Denial of Service (DoS) protection and Virtual Private Network (VPN) secure remote connection. These devices meet the security and remote access needs of business that demands high performance at competitive prices. Advanced features are integrated and packed into a single housing to provide your network administrators with an
all-in-one business-class level security solution.

To minimize any impact of a disaster on an entire network, D-Link NetDefend firewalls include a special feature called ZoneDefense -- a mechanism that operates seamlessly with D-Link LAN switches to perform proactive network security. ZoneDefense automatically quarantines infected computers on the network and prevents them from flooding your network with malicious traffic.

Within an industrial chassis, D-Link NetDefend firewalls pack up an impressive set of hardware that includes high-speed processors, large databases and firewall power to handle up to a million concurrent sessions. These firewalls come with multiple user-configurable interfaces, including high-speed Gigabit ports, for flexible, scalable and bottleneck-free network deployments linking your different workgroups and enterprises together.

All firewalls in this series can be remotely managed via a web-based interface or through a dedicated VPN connection. They include flexible features to monitor and maintain a healthy and secure network, such as e-mail alerts, system log and real-time statistics. These features, along with the ability for firmware upgrade, ensure that your firewall can provide and maintain maximum performance and security for your network.


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