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Product features:
xStack L3 Managed Stackable Gigabit Switch with 44 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T PoE + 4 combo ports 1000Base-X/SFP + 2 expansion modules
General features:
• 48 Ports 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ45)
• 4 Combo Ports 1000BASE-X (SFP, LC)
• 2 Extension Slots (stack or uplink)
• AC
Switching capacity
• 240G
Forwarding rate
• L2: line rate (102Mpps)
• L3: line rate (102Mpps)
• Supports 4K 802.1q VLANs
• Supports Super VLAN
• Supports Protocol VLAN
• Supports Private VLAN
• Supports MAC-address-based VLAN
• Supports QinQ
Link aggregation
• Supports LACP (802.3ad)
Port mirroring
• Supports many-to-one mirroring
• Supports flow-based mirroring
Spanning tree protocol
• Supports STP, RSTP, and MSTP
• DHCP Server
• DHCP Relay
• DHCP Snooping
• DHCP Snooping Trust
• DHCPv6 Server
• DHCPv6 Snooping
IPv6 basic protocols
• Supports IPv6 addressing
• Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
• ND-Snooping
• ICMPv6 stateless automatic configuration
• Path MTU Discovery
IP route
• Supports static routes
• Supports RIP and RIPng
• Supports OSPF and OSPFv3
• Supports BGP and BGP4+
• Supports equal-cost routes (ECMP)
• Supports packet-based load balancing and flow-based load balancing
• Supports IGMPv1, IGMP v2, IGMPv3, and IGMP proxy
• Supports IGMPv1 Snooping, IGMP v2 Snooping, and IGMPv3 Snooping
• Supports IGMP filter and IGMP fast leave
• Supports PIM-DM, PIM-SM, and PIM-SSM
• Supports MLD Snooping and MLD
• Supports PIM for IPv6
IPv6 tunnel
• Supports manual tunnel
• ISATAP tunnel
• 6to4 tunnel
• IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel
• IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel
• ACL:
Supports various hardware ACLs:
- Standard IP ACL (hardware ACL based on IP addresses)
- Extended IP ACL (hardware ACL based on the IP address and TCP/UDP port number)
- Extended MAC ACL (optional Ethernet-type hardware ACL based on the source MAC address and destination MAC address)
- Expert-level ACL (hardware ACL based on random combination of the VLAN number, Ethernet type, MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP port number and protocol type)
- VLAN-based ACL
• QoS:
- Supports traffic identification of ports
- Support 802.1p/DSCP/TOS traffic classification
- Supports eight queues with different priorities for each port
- Supports PQ, RR, PQ+RR
- Supports traffic shaping
- Supports rate limiting
- Supports hierarchical QoS
Management features
• SNMPv1/v2c/v3
• CLI (Telnet/Console)
• RMON (1,2,4,9)
• Syslog
• SNMP over IPv6
• IPv6 MIB support for SNMP
• SSHv6
• Telnetv6
• DNS v6
• NTP for v6
• Traceroute v6
High reliability
• Upgrades software during running
• Accelerates the restart process
• BFD cooperates with OSPF
• BFD cooperates with LDP
• BFD cooperates with PBR
Other protocols
• DNS Client
• DNS static
Security features
• Supports the binding of the IP address, MAC address, and port address
• Supports the binding of the IPv6, MAC address, and port address
• Supports security channels
• Supports anti-gateway frauds
• Limits the number of MAC addresses learned by a port
• Filters illegal MAC addresses
• Supports ARP check under both dynamic address allocation policy and static address allocation policy
• Supports DAI
• Supports the prevention of setting a DHCP server without permission
• Supports hierarchical management by administrators and password protection
• Supports AAA security authentication (IPv4/IPv6) in device login management
• Supports IP source alarm
• Supports control plane protection
• Supports 802.1x (port-based authentication, MAC-based authentication, dynamic delivery of VLANs, dynamic delivery of ACLs, Guest VLAN, bypass MAC authentication, and failed port going to a specified VLAN)
• Supports DoS protection
• Supports the restriction on the rate of ARP packets
• Supports the suppression of broadcast storms and of multicast storms
• Supports SSH v2.0
• Supports TACACS+ and specifying of source IP addresses
• Supports Radius (Radius, EXEC authorization, and specified source IP address)
• Supports BPDU Guard
• Supports MPLS L3VPN
• PE functions
• MCE function

• 440 x 420x 44mm
Power supply
• 90VAC–264VAC, 50Hz–60Hz
Power consumption
• 90W (without extension module)
• 105W (with extension module)
• Operating temperature: 0° to 50°
• Storage temperature: –20° to 50°
• Operating humidity: 10% to 90%RH
• Storage humidity: 5% to 95%RH
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