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Product features:
ShareCenter Pro 1100 Network Storage with 4 Drive Bays, 2 10/100/1000Base-T Ports and 2 USB Ports
Small and medium businesses face an ever-increasing need for data consolidation and document sharing. The D-Link DNS-1100-04 ShareCenter Pro 1100 NAS addresses these growing data storage requirements, and provides a multitude of additional options for managing and securing important files.
NAS File Server
SMBs will appreciate the NAS file server which takes full advantage of the accelerated performance provided by iSCSI. The web file manager provides a user-friendly remote access to files stored on the NAS to users with the appropriate credentials.
A Variety of Backup Options
The DNS-1100-04 offers several backup options which allow administrators and users to control how, when, and where their data is stored. They can share and backup files across the network, over the Internet via FTP, or through the easy-to-use web file manager. A standard PC client allows users a straightforward means of backing up their data to the server.
iSCSI for IP Networks
iSCSI offers exceptionally fast access performance thanks to block-level data transfer. iSCSI targets appear as a local drive on a client PC. Operations such as configuration, provisioning, and backup can be handled by the administrator in the same way they would be for directly attached storage. By utilizing existing Ethernet technology, the cost associated with separate host bus adapters and the per-Gigabyte cost for storage can be significantly reduced.
Advanced Security
Account management features include the ability to manage users/groups and read/write permissions. Create users, groups, and iSCSI targets with password authentication. Additionally, VLAN tag support combined with AES encryption keeps files secure. iSCSI implements Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) to guarantee secure access to the storage system.
Share Printers and USB Storage
USB connectivity provides the option to establish a printer server, monitor a UPS, or connect USB devices such as hard drives and flash storage.
RAID for Efficiency and Redundancy 
The DNS-1100-04 features four Serial ATA (SATA) disk drive bays with support for RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6 or JBOD configurations. Administrators can quickly deploy a network storage solution using inexpensive SATA disk drives, and depending on storage needs, can add more drives as they go. Additionally, S.M.A.R.T. disk diagnostics help to ensure data integrity.
Green Features Save Energy
Green Ethernet provides significant energy-savings by reducing power according to cable length or cutting power to unused ports. The DNS-1100-04 can put hard drives in hibernation to save energy when not in use, and can wake the drives up when access is needed. The built-in Smart Fan turns on only when needed, and changes speeds automatically to keep the NAS cool as efficiently as possible.
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