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Product features:
OLT with 8 GPON SFP Downlink, and 4-Port 1G/SFP & 2-Port 10G/SFP+ Uplink, L2 G-PON Switch
The G-PON service delivers up to 2.54Gbps speed over optical fiber wiring, it enables next-generation simultaneous voice, video and data services including high-speed Internet access, video streaming. DPN-6608 is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy technology ideal for multiunit building (MxU), like department, hotel, etc.
The OLT provides the function to convert the GPON (Giga-bit Passive Optical Network) interface conforming to ITU-984.x to trunk interface. The OLT provides 4 1G/SFP & 2 10G/SFP+ interfaces as the trunk interface, and supported L2 S/W function. One OLT support up to 8 port Optical SFP modules and each GPON interface accommodates up to 64 ONT through the optical splitter.
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