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Product features:
Wireless Display (WiDi) Adapter
The D-Link DHD-131 is an easy-to-use adapter featuring Intel® Wireless Display technology, also known as “WiDi”. WiDi is a system for streaming high-definition video content from your PC to an HDTV via your Wi-Fi network. The process involves taking a WiDi-enabled laptop with one of Intel’s new Core series CPUs, and wirelessly connecting it to the DHD-131 adapter that plugs into the HDMI port of an HDTV or any display. Using standard Wi-Fi technology, your laptop screen is instantly displayed on your TV screen without the need for any cables. Take your favorite videos, movies, music, online shows and more from your computer and watch them on your HDTV, all from the comfort of your couch.
Easy to Setup and Use
The DHD-131 quickly and securely connects a laptop PC to a TV without cables. This setup gets you up and running in no time - all you need is a laptop with Intel® Wireless Display installed and a DHD-131 connected to a TV through an HDMI or standard AV cables. It uses a secure (WPA/WPA2) Wi-Fi connection that works seamlessly with any dual-band router. The DHD-131 offers clone, extended desktop and remote flexible display options with multilingual support.
Stunning Audio and Video
Using H.264 compression technology, the DHD-131 is capable of effortlessly streaming 1080p video at 30 FPS. Surf the web and send an e-mail, or watch YouTube videos, online shows, or anything on your desktop on your big-screen TV.
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