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Product features:
Full HD Wireless Day/Night Network Camera
The D-Link DCS-2230L Full HD Wireless Day/Night Network Camera is versatile cameras perfect for monitoring low-light environments in your home or small office. They combine a high-resolution 2-megapixel sensor with a built-in IR LED to help you keep watch over areas in complete darkness. Additionally, the DCS-2230L is a complete system with a built-in CPU and web server that transmits high-quality video images for security and surveillance. The DCS-2230L features 802.11n wireless, allowing the camera to be placed anywhere within range of your wireless network. The DCS-2230L also offers simple installation, an intuitive web-based interface, and remote monitoring and motion detection features for a complete and cost-effective home security solution.
Full-featured Surveillance
The DCS-2230L is built with a 2-megapixel image sensor to give you high-quality snapshots and video with resolutions up to full 1080p HD. This gives you sharp, high-resolution snapshots and videos so you can get better details of objects of interest. Get a closer look with ePTZ, which lets you zoom in, zoom out, and pan across your camera’s video so you can survey a large area easily. The DCS-2230L features a built-in IR LED and IR cut filter, making it suitable for both day and night applications.
High Performance Video Streaming
The DCS-2230L supports simultaneous streaming of H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG video to provide both high-quality and bandwidth-efficient compression formats. Additionally, the DCS-2230L supports multicast H.264 and MPEG-4 streaming, allowing users to view the camera feed by subscribing to a multicast IP address on the network.
Easy To Configure And Operate
The DCS-2230L supports the Universal Plug-n-Play (UPnP) feature, which allows computers running on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 to automatically recognize the camera and add it to the network. Sign up with one of the free Dynamic DNS services available on the web to assign a name and domain to the camera (e.g. mycamera.dlinkddns.com), and remotely access the camera without having to remember your IP address. Add in mydlink Cloud support and you can easily connect to the Internet via Zero Configuration and quickly view live feeds remotely using a web browser on any computer connected to the Internet.
A Complete, Expandable Surveillance Solution
The DCS-2230L is a self-sufficient surveillance solution, capable of recording snapshots and video to a microSD card without requiring a PC or network storage device. If you want to expand your surveillance options, D-ViewCam management software is also included, giving you the ability to manage up to 32 cameras with a robust set of features, including multi-camera views and automated e-mail alerts to keep you informed of suspicious or unusual activities.
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