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The D-Link VisualStreamTM DSB-C110 PC Camera is a streaming USB digital video camera. With 352 X 288 resolution and support for up to 30 frames per second, the DSB-C110 captures flicker-free still images and records seamless video clips. As a fully contained unit, no video capture card or additional hardware is necessary. The unit simply attaches via a standard USB type A connector to a PC or downstream USB hub.

From videoconferencing to taking digital snapshots, the D-Link VisualStream DSB-C110 PC Camera gives you a variety of options to communicate over the Internet quickly and simply.

The bundled ArcsoftTM Software allows you to create and edit video and images, and also provides features for creating digital content, making the VisualStream PC Camera a great addition to any home PC.

The DSB-C110 comes complete with hardware and software for anyone to begin making digital videos immediately.

The DSB-C110 is also fully compatible with Microsoft® NetMeeting for one-on-one videoconferencing. Make your communications with your family and friends truly memorable with the VisualStream DSB-C110. It is the next best thing to being there personally.

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