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Product features:
Triple Polarization Dual-Band Outdoor Directional Antenna
General features:

Frequency Range
• 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
• 5150 MHz to 5875 MHz

Peak Gain
• 11dBi (2.4GHz frequency band)
• 12-14dBi (5GHz frequency band)

• 2.0 : 1 maximum (2.4GHz frequency band)
• 2.0 : 1 maximum (5GHz frequency band)

• Linear
• Vertical

Horizontal Half Power Beam Width (HPBW/ H-PLANE)
• 40º-44º (2.4GHz frequency band)
• 19º-22º (5.1GHz frequency band)

Vertical Half Power Beam Width (HPBW/ V-PLANE)
• 38º-41º (2.4GHz frequency band)
• 25º-31º (5.1GHz frequency band)

Front to Back Ratio
-20dB (max)



Power Handling
• 2.4GHz: 10 W (cw)
• 5GHz: 6 W (cw)

50 ohms

N Jack (x 3)

Extension Cable
50 cm with RP-SMA and N-type connector

Mounting Type
Pole & Wall

Survival Wind Speed
216 km/hr

Operating Temperature
-40°C to +80°C

Operating Humidity
95% @ 55°C


ABS, UV resistant

1.72 kg

360 (L) x 360 (W) x 40 (H) mm

1 Transmission and reception distances can vary according to the transmission speeds. To get maximum signal coverage, make sure there is no obstruction in the signal path between the transmission and reception ends.
2 The transmission distance range depends on the two same spec antennas with default cable loss under free line of sight environment.


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