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802.11b Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card

The D-Link Air DWL-660 is a PCMCIA card for notebook PCs. This PC card connects you to a 2.4GHz wireless LAN, giving you fast, secured mobile access to the network. This card gives you up to 1 1Mbps data transfer rate, industry standard interoperability, 128-bit data security and ease of use, ideal for notebook PC users r equiring fast, secure wireless network connection.

Industry-standard Interoperability
With both WiFi  certification compatibility and IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN industry standard compliance, the DWL-660 provides you with excellent network

Network Security
Security is an issue when data is transmitted without the wires. In the air, transmitted data can be easily intercepted if not well protected by a security scheme. The DWL-660 provides the necessary security, using the enhanced 64/128-bit industry-standard WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption protocol. Data privacy mechanism is based on a shared key algorithm, as described in the wireless LAN standard.

Easy Installation
With hot swap and plug-and-play capabilities, the DWL-660 can be easily installed into a notebook PC to provide connectivity directly to another 802.11b wireless enabled device (ad-hoc mode) or through an 802.11b Access Point (infra-structure mode).

Optional External Antenna
The DWL-660 is equipped with an integrated antenna with an effective range of 100 meters indoors, or 300 meters outdoors. Where a longer range is required, you can plug in an optional higher Gain antenna (such as theD-Link DWL-M60AT) through a socket provided for on the DWL-660.

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