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Up to 8Mbps Speed
The DSL-360T features G.dmt modulation for speeds of up to 8Mbps downstream and 832Kbps upstream. G.lite, which has the advantage of not requiring the installation of a splitter at the subscriber end, is also supported, allowing up to 1.5Mbps downstream and 512Kbps upstream. The modem auto-senses the connection type and auto-negotiates the best modulation scheme, G.dmt or G.lite using the G.hs
(handshake) protocol.

Uses Existing Telephone Line
Your ADSL modem operates over the existing telephone wire and does not require any new transmission media. The DSL-360T makes possible high-speed multimedia services, Internet access, and video conferencing for you, using a standard copper phone line.

"Always-on" or Dial-up Connection to ISP
The DSL-360T supports both "always on" and dial-up connections to ISP. "Always-on" eliminates the need to dial to ISP and is ideal for applications like IP telephony. Dial-up connection lets you save ISP charge, it allows you to disconnect from the Internet when you don't need to use it.

10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Interface to Host
DSL-360T can connect to your computer, router or other hosts through a 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet interface, commonly found in most computer equipment today. The modem auto-senses the host's Ethernet interface and auto-negotiates for highest available Ethernet speed.

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