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Product features:
Management Module for DMC-1000
The DMC-1002 management module allows administrators to remotely manage and monitor the real-time status of all media converters and power supplies in the chassis, and sends out alarms to alert you of any abnormal situations. DMC-1002 is equipped with one 10/100/1000Base-T port and one RJ-45 console port. The management module follows industry standards, including SNMP and HTTP, allowing you to monitor and manage the mounted media converters and power supplies from a third-party SNMP Network Management Station (NMS) or via a web browser.
The management module periodically polls all converters and power supplies in the chassis to collect information regarding status and configuration settings. It also receives traps for events such as module hot-swaps and power failures as soon as they occur, as well as warning traps, upon which alarms may be set off to alert you.
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