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Product features:
Multi-Port Print Server

D- Link, the industry pioneer in networking continues to offer innovative products in Ethernet.  The D- Link DP-300U is a compact print server that connects to your Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. With high-speed ports, DP-300U allow users to print simultaneously from anywhere on the network.

DP-300U is equipped with two IEEE1284 parallel ports and one USB version1.1 port for seamless connection to most printers available on the market today.  DP-300U also supports all major network Operating Systems and protocols.  With its compact size, DP-300U can easily be placed anywhere!

DP-300U is also easily configurable using web browser or window based configuration program.  Using web browsers on a PC connected to the network, configuration is simple and straightforward
with the familiar D-Link interface.  PS Admin, a Windows based configuration program can also be use to configure DP-300U.

The DP-300U print server is the ideal network printing solution for small offices, home offices, schools and other businesses that requires printer sharing.



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