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Беспроводной гигабитный сервисный маршрутизатор

Обновление ПО для ревизии А1 и A2

Обновление ПО от 15.01.2016 для ревизии А1

Обновление ПО от 15.01.2016 для ревизии А2

Firmware version: 2.11_RU

New Features:
1. PPTP/L2TP VPN Client auto dial-in feature
2. User’s group and group’s privileges edit support
3. Updated max number of clients
4. Wireless IGMP Snooping support
5. LAN IGMP Snooping support (DSR-250/250N only)
6. OSPF support on L2TP over IPsec
7. Category filters for device logging
8. Support configurable backup policy
9. Support WCF 3-month trial license
10. Alerts via SMS for WAN/IPsec/CPU/RAM events
11. Support source port configuration for custom services
12. Multi-language support for DSR-250N B1
13. Select verified DDNS services:
a. DynDNS
b. D-Link DDNS
c. FreeDNS
d. NO-IP
e. 3322.org
f. Oray (existing in M7)
g. Custom

Problems fixed
1. Unable to establish L2TP over IPsec tunnel if phase1 encryption is different from phase2's encryption.
2. When traffic is sent from WLAN to LAN or WLAN to WLAN, then data transmission rate is varying drastically.
3. There is an error logging when we enable WPS and click on push button.
4. Supported Encryption fields in PPTP server page are not showing after applying on the save button.
5. Unable to install packages and device is showing message as "Not installed".
6. User is able to configure security mode in WEP or WPA+TKIP even though wireless radio mode is configured as NG or AN mode
7. Device is not accepting FQDN names in Server Address field when wan type is PPTP/L2TP
8. IPsec tunnel is not disconnected after changed policy from auto to manual.
9. Kernel panic in VPN-IPsec HUB & Spoke.
10. Unable to get email logs in long duration test.
11. VLAN port members are not displaying in Port membership for VLAN under IGMP snooping page.
12. Device is not displaying pop-up message while changing the group's privileges.
13. Unable to access internet from wired or wireless LAN hosts after reboot when default AP is disable and custom AP is enable.
14. Error message is thrown when we edit or delete a user from the local database.
15. HTTP throughput is unstable in the remote setup.
16. Unable to change LAN subnet after changing device mode from NAT to Transparent
17. Port speed status is shown incorrectly when doing SNMP walk for LED MIB.
18. Unable to access web GUI from LAN host with Firefox v39.
19. Unable to download a file from a website in specific scenario.
20. IPSec tunnel is not getting established and there are no logs for the failure.
21. Unable to change LAN settings when device is in transparent mode.
22. Unable to connect L2TP over IPSEC tunnel on WEBUI.
23. Unable to configure more than 5 characters for community in snmp traps settings page.
24. Device should not throw any error while enabling Multicast to Unicast Setting in Advance Radio settings page irrespective of IGMP is enabled or not.
25. Configurable backup policy edit does not work.
26. IPsec tunnel VPNs Dashboard is not properly display the VPN status.
27. Multicast to Unicast conversion is not working properly for LAN to WLAN.
28. Enable 3DES encryption algorithm for phase 1 and phase 2 by default.
29. Unable to change the date and time after the WCF free trial expiration.
30. Multicast To unicast conversion is not working after editing the Wireless Profiles
31. Unable to receive SMS from DWM-158 D1 dongle.
32. IPsec logs are not coming to syslog server when user try to establish secondary tunnel with different IKE version between same devices.
33. Remote management functionality is not working after reboot with all logs enabled in the device.
34. Device allows invalid configuration for traffic selector when the user adds custom service with multiple ports.
35. DUT showing prefix length field when source hosts or destination hosts option is selected with 'Single' in IPv6 firewall rules.
36. Critical error observed when we click on the 'Export Logs' button in All Logs page.
37. Remote firmware upgrade through PPPoE WAN is failing.
38. Wireless VLAN in general mode is not working for tagged interfaces
39. No NAT translation of SIP headers during REGISTER, outbound call and SDP packet
40. Support IKEv2-SHA2-256/384/512 algorithms.
41. Inter-ISATAP subnet routing is not working.
42. After changing channel spacing 20/40 MHz to 20 MHz in UPPER band channel as auto, beacons frames are not updating accordingly.
43. Not able to enable WPS for custom profile with WPA/WPA2 security mode.
44. Able to edit and delete custom service associated with traffic selectors.
45. Transparent mode functionality is not working.
46. Not able to run TCP traffic over IPV6 IPsec GW-GW/manual tunnel with des/3des/blowfish/CAST128 as encryption algorithm
47. 3G support to be extended to Static Routing.
48. Unable to run FTP and HTTP traffic on PPPoE over IPv6 connection due to MTU size problem
49. Device not showing physical interface IP address in WAN status & router status, when it is connected to Russian dual access PPTP.
50. Unable to add static route on physical interface if wan is configured to Russian dual access PPPoE with physical interface is configured to dynamic.
51. Unable to reach ipv6 wan host through ipv4 and ipv6 PPTP tunnel from PPTP client.
52. Able to establish IPsec VPN GW-GW tunnel, able to authenticate captive portal with 'Extended Authentication' NT-Domain when NT-Domain Wrong Work Group configured.
53. Unable to login to the counter strike game when device WAN is configured for L2TP.
54. Support GRE tunnel functionality for 3G.
55. Device is not showing correct status in current channel field of Radio settings page and WLAN status page when Default AP is in disabled state.
56. WPS LED is not working.
57. Dhcpv6 client process got killed after reboot/restore when wan type as PPPoE with stateless/stateful.
58. Unable to mount the files using NFS service.
59. DHCP relay process for VLAN is not running before WAN is up
60. Unable to re-connect the PPTP clients once they get disconnected.
61. Unable to upload the URL csv file in the device and GUI is getting stuck at this page.
62. IPsec tunnel is not getting auto establish after reboot.
63. Device is not accepting IP address with last octet 0 or 255 even if it is within the subnet.
64. Multiple VAP active is not getting enabled or disabled with device time after reboot.
65. Unable to access GUI when PPTP client is configured without remote_network and timeout.
66. Unable to open USB shared folders in RU firmware.
67. Unable to run traffic to the remote host over PPTP/L2TP clients, when default policy is blocked.
68. Mac book (connected as the wireless client) stop receiving the MDNS packets.
69. Blocked Keywords and Block All URL has lower priority than dynamic content filtering.
70. Disallow editing of IPsec policy if one to one NAT has been added on that policy.
71. Device not showing the PPTP /L2TP connected users in PPTP/L2TP Active users page when PPTP/L2TP client tunnels established with External Authentication.
72. When wireless client is connected through WPS, remaining clients which are already connected with WPA are getting disconnected.
73. Unable to run the traffic on PPPOE interface when VLAN on WAN is configured for Russian Dual Access PPPoE.
74. IPsec tunnel is not getting established when DUT is in behind NAT Topology.
75. Device is not showing the current channel field in Radio settings page.
76. VLAN host is not getting IP from custom VLAN if we enable DHCP server with DNS proxy is enabled while adding custom VLAN.
77. Unable to get IP when we connect the wireless client with WEP 64/128 bit by configuring the ASCII number of characters.
78. Clients associated with the edited SSIDs are not able to browse websites.
79. Able to run the traffic to remote LAN host after disabling the PPTP client in RU firmware.
80. Unable to run traffic to the remote LAN host without refreshing the Active PPTP VPN Connections page After establishing the PPTP client tunnel.
81. Unable to ping between two windows wireless clients when security mode is configured as WPA/WPA2/WPA+WPA2.
82. DDNS not getting updated after reboot.
83. After Device got reboots LAN DHCP leased clients page is not getting updated properly.
84. VPN backup functionality is not working properly when we plug and unplug the wan
85. Observed critical error while uploading IPsec policy with traffic selector type as ANY
86. Attacker is able to reset legitimate TCP connections with the device leading to denial of service.
87. Inter VLAN firewall rules are not updated properly.
88. WiFi channel is automatically goes to channel 1 if we select channel 12/13 for the country EU_Norway.
89. Unable to get syslog via IPsec tunnel.
90. WDS functionality is not working
91. Observed critical error page in Maintenance --> Firmware and Upgrade->Update firmware->USB in Use page.
92. Unable to configure user to DNS host name and IP mappings when DHCP reserved IP entry is added.
93. Unable to access the WDS page after enabling WDS.
94. L2TP client is able to connect the device with Local database authentication when L2TP server is enabled for POP3 authentication.
95. Unable run traffic over PPTP client tunnel in MAC OS.
96. Unable to change LAN subnet after changing device mode from NAT to Transparent and Transparent to NAT.
97. IP/MAC binding, Block MAC and Firewall rule are higher priority than category filtering.
98. Bridge firewall rule functionality is not working when firewall rule is configured with custom service type "both".
99. Able to configure WEP/WPA(TKIP) security mode when radio settings is configured in mixed N or N only mode.
100. After changing the encryption type in IPsec policy(Protocol:AH), it was not reflected in the Device
101. Unable to do SSH to device from LAN side.
102. L2TP server and L2TP client logs are not coming in L2TP-Client or L2TP-Server category.
103. Wireless client not able to ping remote LAN host over IPsec tunnel.
104. WCF related logs are not coming.
105. Spoke to Spoke traffic is not going through IPsec Tunnel in Hub-Spoke Set-up
106. USB/printer sharing configuration should not be disabled when USB/printer is disconnected.
107. Error in configuration of VLAN with subnet
108. The device is showing "Checksum failed" message while uploading the configuration file.
109. IGMP snooping functionality is not working after factory default the device.
110. Not able to delete the user which group's user type is configured as network.
111. Response of NAT Loopback for RTP is not working properly.
112. Apply changes for vulnerability CVE-2015-0291 / CVE-2015-0204.
113. Support source port in custom services.
114. Unable to run http traffic over ipv6 network when device wan is configure with ipv6 PPPoE.
115. Device is losing prefix delegation information after reboot.
116. Unable to configure DUT as IPsec policy with L2TP mode as client and direction type as responder.
117. Device showing the IPsec mode as tunnel mode in IPsec policies list even though we configure the IPsec mode as transport mode.
118. NAT functionality not working when switched back to primary WAN in Auto-Rollover mode.
119. Loosing GUI access when VPN remote network is configured in lan subnet.
120. Observed kernel panic while working with PPPoE connection type with DynDNS configured in DUT.
121. IPsec Keep alive functionality is not working.
122. Classical routing mode functionality is not working.

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