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L3 Gigabit Stack Multi-Layer Routing Switch

The xStack DGS-3610 series of the D-link’s next generation Layer 3 Gigabit switches delivers performance, fexibility and enhanced security  for  the MAN  (Metropolitan Area Network). Two models are available for selection, the DGS-3610-26 and DGS-3610-26G. Each switch provides 24 Gigabit ports and two optional 10-Gigabit ports in a low-profle rack-mount case. The DGS-3610-26  is equipped with 12 10/100/1000BASE-T and 12 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP ports, and the DGS-3610-26G supports 12 SFP and 12 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP ports. The 10/100/1000BASE-T ports provide  inexpensive copper Gigabit connection  to  the  local nodes. While the SFP slots and our wide-range of SFP transceivers offer fexible long/medium/short fber connections suitable for FTTX and MAN applications. Two open slots on the back of each switch allow users  to  install  two optional single-port 10-Gigabit XFP modules  for copper or fber   connections. These 10-Gigabit connections can be used  for switch unit stacking, or attachment to a 10-Gigabit backbone or servers. The switches offer advanced L3 features including IPv4/v6 routing, BGP, QoS and ACL fltering. Packet routing and protocol fltering/inspection enable the switch act as a Layer 4 switch.

High Reliability. The DGS-3610 switches support a number of  link  reliability  technologies including Rapid Ether Ring Protocol (RERP). RERP is a network protection mechanism which ensure normal operations without  impacting network convergence  time.  It can  rapidly start up  the backup  link when a  link or node on  the Ethernet  ring  is disconnected. Other network resiliency  features  include Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree and Multiple Spanning Tree protocol support.

Comprehensive  IPv6 Support.
Emerging applications such as  Internet-enabled wireless devices, home and  industrial appliances,  Internet-connected  transportations,  integrated telephony services, sensors networks, and distributed computing or gaming requirements are further addressed  to ensure  the continued growth of  the  Internet. The use of globally unique IPv6 addresses simplifes  the mechanisms used  for  reachability and end-to-end security  for network devices. This vital functionality is crucial for applications and services that are driving the demand for IP addresses.

Enterprise Wide Security. Access security  is provided  through comprehensive policy-based ACL, port security,  IP-MAC-Port binding  features and Defeat  IP Scan. Meanwhile malicious attacks hidden behind control protocols are  thwarted  to prevent  the switch’s CPU from being overwhelmed with redundant tasks and cause performance degradation. The DGS-3610 also supports SSH v2 and SNMP v3 functions to ensure secure management access to switches with authentication and encryption of network management traffc.

QoS & Bandwidth Management. The DGS-3610 supports numerous advanced  traffic management options  including  flow-based bandwidth control and broadcast/multicast storm control.  It also supports egress  traffc bandwidth control with minimum granularity of 64Kbits. With a combination of Rate Limiting  function  (applicable  to CPE subscribers)and access control-based accounting,  the DGS-3610 provides useful  functions  for carriers  that offer services to home users in a Metropolitan Ethernet Network.

Comprehensive Management. A comprehensive set of management features is provided to ensure enterprise wide visibility and control  for configuration, access/traffic monitoring and  troubleshooting  to network administrators. These  features are accessible  through a CLI, Telnet or SNMP console. RMON monitoring, and complete debug system  information, alert information and interface management are also supported.

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