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24-port 10/100Base-T + 2 combo port 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP Yönetilmeyen Anahtar
DES-1026G - unmanaged switch 10/100 Mbit / s, designed to improve the performance of the working group, provides a high level of network flexibility. The presence of 24-port 10/100 Mbit / s to connect workstations and two Gigabit combo ports for connecting servers allow you to meet the needs of a large network bandwidth and reduce response time.
24-port 10/100 Mbit / s to connect workstations 
The switch features 24 ports of 10/100 Mbit / s and can be used to connect to the small workgroup. These ports support auto-negotiation speed 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T auto-negotiation mode and full and half-duplex.
2 Gigabit combo ports
Switch is equipped with 2 combo ports to connect to servers over twisted pair or core switches using fiber optic cable. Using existing Category 5 twisted pair as a transmission medium can immediately connect servers to ports Gigabit Ethernet, without requiring you to install new fiber optic cable. These ports support auto-negotiation 10/100/1000 Mbit / s and auto-negotiation.With the help of these ports can also be connected to multiple switches, together with a view to increasing the number of ports destined for network connections.
Flow control for secure information transfer
All ports support flow control by the "back pressure" and IEEE 802.3x. These functions allow you to avoid packet loss buffer overflow port of the receiving device.
Auto detect cable polarity MDI / MDIX
All ports support auto-polarity cable MDI / MDIX. This eliminates the need for crossover cables or ports uplink. To any port to connect the server, a router or a switch, using straight-through twisted-pair cable.
Feature «Plug-and-Play» 
Switch with 26 ports «plug-and-play» is an ideal choice for workgroups to increase productivity applications "client / server".
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