Unmanaged switch with 16 10/100/1000Base-T, power saving function and QoS support
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Unmanaged switch DGS-1016C with 16 10/100/1000Base-T ports is a cost-effective solution for SOHO and small and medium businesses (SMB). The switch supports Plug-and-play, which enables easy installation and provides wide bandwidth. High-speed networking Providing data transfer rate up to 2000 Mbps in full duplex, the DGS-1016С is the perfect solution for fast file transfers, online gaming and streaming media without delay. The switch features a led indicator for each port to quickly determine the status of the connection. DGS-1016С also supports auto-MDI/MDIX, which allows to directly connect to each port network device using a standard Ethernet cable twisted-pair. Save energy The DGS-1016С uses standard 802.3 az Energy Efficient Ethernet, providing automatic saving energy and reducing heat dissipation without affecting the performance and functional characteristics. If connected to the switch port the computer is turned off or no data is being transferred, then the port will automatically go into sleep mode, significantly reducing energy consumption. In addition, the switch detects the length of connected to ports Ethernet cables and adjusts accordingly the power consumption on these ports, using only the necessary amount of energy. Both of these features work together to automatically save energy. Plug-and-play The DGS-1016C Plug-and-play, allowing you to connect it to the device works without additional settings. Thanks to the support of Plug-and-play the process of creating a local area network is greatly simplified, and on your home network or office network You can share files, music and videos or start multi-user network applications. Flow control 802.3 x on each port minimizes dropped packets when the receiving buffer is full port that provides a reliable connection for all connected devices. Streaming The DGS-1016C supports QoS, which prioritizes network traffic, ensuring, thus, the effective data transfer, latency-sensitive, even in networks with high traffic. Support for QoS provides for efficient transfer of media and high quality of VoIP calls.

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