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1000Base-SX Multi-Mode SFP transceiver (up to 550 m)
The DEM-311GT/DD Gigabit SFP fiber transceiver is external transceiver designed for insertion in SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) slot of network device for transmission and reception of data signals on the fiber cables. This transceiver provides the Gigabit operation and physical compactness to deliver the speed, reliable long-distance (up to 550 m) data transfer, and deployment fexibility that today’s fiber networks require.
The DEM-311GT/DD transceiver uses standard duplex LC connector for fiber cable connection. It conforms to industry standards and is interoperable with D-Link Gigabit switches. Hot-swap capability allows network administrators to plug or unplug it from the SFP slot without having to turn off the power of the connected device.
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