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24-Port Ethernet Switch

Plug-and-Play Workgroups
These switches are designed to enhance workgroups' performance while providing a hight level of flexibility . Powerful yet easy to use, they allow users to simply plug any port to ether a 10Mbps or 100Mbps node to multiply bandwidths boost response time and satisfy heavy load demands.

2 Fiber Links
Witha built-in slot, users can configure the switch with2 fiber ports to establish2 secure, long-distance fiber links between 2 switches or betweena switch anda server . Capable of running at full-duplex, these ports serve well in high EM interference environments, providing cable distances of up to2 km.

2 Uplinks for Easy Expansion
2 MDI uplink ports supporting 10/100Mbps connection are provided, allowing easy cascading to2 other switches to expand the port density. Both uplink ports support full-duplex speed of 200Mbps.

Port Trunks Up to 4 ports can be combined into1 high-bandwidth, full-duplex 800Mbps switch-to-switch or switch-to-server connection.

VLANs for Performance and Security
The switches support up to multiple port-based VLANs to extend the broadcast domain, segment network traffic and improve performance and manageability.

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