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9-slot 21Gbps Chassis Switch

10/100/1000Mbps Scalability
With a modularized design and port selection of Ethernet/Fast Ethernet twisted-pair, Fast Ethernet fiber and Gigabit, this switch provides  the easy scalable expansion.  Bandwidth migration is simple with 10/100Mbps dual-speed support and 1000Mbps module swapping capability. This architecture provides for great  flexibility and investment protection.

128 10/100Mbps Ports
Up to 128 10/100Mbps dual-speed ports  can be configured for the switch. The 10/100Mbps ports are densely populated, each 10/100Mbps module for  an open slot provide 16 ports.  With full/half-duplex, flow control and port trunking support,  these ports are ideal for departmental  applications, providing flexible and adequate bandwidth for both workstations  and servers running OS like Windows NT,  2000 and NetWare.

96 100Mbps Fiber  Ports
Up to 96 100BASE-FX fiber ports  can be configured for the switch.  However, a combination of 100Mbps fiber, twisted-pair  and Gigabit ports  may be a more common configuration.  The 100BASE-FX ports are fit with MT-RJ  connectors, each 100Mbps  module provides 12 ports.   These ports are suitable for departmental applications where secure transmission with long distance coverage is an issue.

16 Gigabit Ports
The chassis can also be configured as an all-Gigabit switch.  In this  configuration, all 8 open slots are fit with Gigabit modules,  each module providing 2 Gigabit ports.  3 types of Gigabit  modules are available for selection:  1000BASE-SX ports fit  with SC connectors, 1000BASE-SX ports with MT-RJ  connectors, and 1000BASE-LX ports (for longer  cable distance coverage)  with SC connectors.  The Gigabit ports are capable of handling very large amounts of data in a secure topology.  With these ports, a fiber  backbone linking departments  and high-power servers together  can be established for
simultaneous access from multiple clients.

Backup Redundancy
Users can configure the switch with or without redundant backup power  supplies. The standard configuration comes with a single power  supply and a management/monitoring module for departmental applications. For campus/enterprise application, users can opt  to install dual  power supplies CPUs to maximize network uptime. 

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