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1-Port KVM Switch Over IP

The D-Link DKVM-IP1 KVM Switch over IP provides remote KVM access via a LAN, a WAN, or an Internet connection to a server. Designed for server control with VGA, PS/2 and USB support, this KVM over IP appliance integrates KVM, Ethernet interface and external modem support in a one-box solution.

Control of Single or Multiple Servers. The DKVM-IP1 provides secure high-performing KVM Over IP technology with a direct connection to the back of your server. This KVM switch can also be connected to a multi-port KVM switch for control of multiple servers.Remote Connection. The DKVM-IP1 contains a default IP address, which can be easily changed to another IP address used by your network. From a remote site, your IT administrator can key in the IP address of the DKVM-IP1 from a web browser to connect to it and start control a remote server. This type of remote control can help eliminate on-site maintenance costs and service calls, and avoids for you emergency phone calls from your remote data centers. In addition to troubleshooting, this KVM switch can also let an IT
administrator upgrade or configure a PC system from the Internet. Another application of this KVM switch is remote mass storage control.

Security. The DKVM-IP provides SSL (up to 256-bit) encryption protocol to prevent security breaches.

Device Interfaces. The DKVM-IP1 switch includes one interface to a server, which includes a video connection, a PS/2 keyboard connection, a PS/2 mouse connection, and a USB 2.0 connection. To the console side, it has a video port, a PS/2 mouse port and a PS/2 keyboard port. Remote site connection is through a 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet port, which can be connected to a LAN or to a remote router. External modem support is available through an RS-232 COM port, in case your network is down.

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