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Network drive ShareCenter Duo with 4 drive bays
Unified Storage ISCSI / NAS - high speed data transmission and ease of use
Network drive D-Link ShareCenter Duo (DNS-346) with 4 drive bays combines the technology of NAS and iSCSi. This combined system allows you to create separate volumes and NAS iSCSi. ISCSi interface provides high-speed data transmission in addition to this, the device supports NAS, for example, providing access FTP-protocol. If the device supports only the technology iSCSi, NAS functions are unavailable because iSCSi does not work with files and data blocks. Disk drive ShareCenter Duo with 4 drive bays allows the effective use of technology iSCSi / NAS.
Protection performance and reliability 
In the DNS-346 are available 5 different operating modes of the hard drive (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5), allowing users to select the desired configuration. In Standard mode uses two separate hard disk. JBOD mode combines both drives into one for maximum volume. RAID 0 provides high performance by splitting read and write between the two hard drives.When using RAID 1, the contents of one hard drive is duplicated on the other, providing maximum reliability. If a hard drive fails, the other continues to function fully until the disk out of service, will not be replaced. Then, a new hard drive to re-duplicated, allowing DNS-346 to return to full protection. When using RAID 5 data is distributed on three or more disks to provide efficient and reliable data storage.
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