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HD-media player Boxee Box

Unlimited Internet content on an HDTV

Today, high quality image can display televisions (HDTV) are almost in every home, but high quality (HD) content to watch over such TV is rather limited due to expensive Blu-ray Disc and services. Users wishing to move to a new HDTV the use phase should be interested in the proposed D-Link Boxee Box. This device allows users to watch free HD content on an HDTV via a simple Internet connection. You can watch YouTube, MTV, Shoutcast, and many other online sources. 1

Multimedia + Social Networks

Boxee Box is the first media center that allows an integrated use of social networks (eg Facebook or Twitter), making it able to recommend movies, TV shows or songs to friends, as well as to monitor what they are watching. The device uses an open system, so the content is added every day. From the Boxee Box you will immediately see the latest movies, news, or we recommend a list of songs. 1

Revitalize your collections

If you have your own personal movie or music collections, Boxee Box automatically sorts and give them media library. Simply connect an external hard disk or USB storage device, or make the files available to your home intranet. There remains only HD content from the computer monitor to move to the site and watch the ultra-high-resolution videos.

Easy to install and use

Wireless 802.11n connectivity and HDMI interface with the customer helps to avoid numerous cables. For the Boxee Box to work, enough to turn on the device and connect the power source to the TV. 10 steps to a comfortable interface, specially designed for HDTV screens, allows for easy device management. The remote control has a QWERTY keyboard, which makes browsing the web or typing is really easy.

1 Services vary by region. Some services may need to subscribe.

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