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WiDi adapter with support for resolutions up to 1080p
View photos and videos on the big screen
DHD-131 - is a D-Link adapter with support for Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). WiDi technology allows you to broadcast video and audio from a laptop computer (with support WiDi and CPU Intel Core) on your HDTV wirelessly. When you connect the adapter, you can view photos and videos on the big screen with friends and family, without having to connect a laptop to a TV via cable.Browse Web-page, or play digital media content on the HDTV, without leaving the couch. This WiDI-second generation adapter supports most video formats, resolution Full HD 1080p, high speed data transmission over wireless networks (up to 300 Mbit / s), in addition, the adapter is equipped with output when connected to which you can get a high-quality 5.1-channel sound. 
Excellent sound and picture quality
Thanks to H.264 compression technology TV adapter provides the video at 1080p at 30 frames per second, in addition to this adapter supports the Blu-ray and DVD HDCP, providing excellent image quality. The adapter also provides transmission 5.1-channel sound, and comes with an optical S / PDIF output for connecting a stereo system, so you get a ready home theater.Through the use of an adapter you can play media content from your laptop to the big screen, while enjoying the highest quality picture and sound. 
High speed data transmission over wireless networks
MainStage ™ TV adapter supports 802.11n dual-band connection to a laptop computer with support for Intel ® WiDi, or to connect directly to a laptop computer, providing a high-speed connection for video and audio without delay. Using the adapter, you can enjoy viewing media content on the laptop without using cables to connect.   
Easy to install and use
Carry out MainStage ™ TV adapter is quite simple, all you need - it is a portable computer with support for Intel ® Wireless Display and CPU Core, connected to an HDTV or any other display. Image on the screen laptop will be immediately displayed on the TV screen, with no cables are required or optional settings, and, accordingly, reduced installation time.
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