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M-JPEG 4-channel Video Server

Transform Analog Video Into Images for Live Access Over Intranet or Internet The DVS-104 is a MJPEG technology-based video server designed for professional IP surveillance application. It transmits up to four analog video streams over Ethernet or modem and provides additional video outputs for connection of analog monitors or traditional multiplexers. With 4-channel analog-to-digital image transmission, this video server provides a highly cost-effective device ideal for installation of a multi-camera surveillance system.

Save Money & Get Benefits of Digital World
You have invested time and money to install an analog surveillance system in your building, with analog cameras, multiplexers, time-lapse recorders, cabling and control room. There are drawbacks such as poor quality video, worn out tapes, video recorders that constantly need servicing, and no possibility to access live images when you are outside the building. By adding a DVS-104 video server, you can turn your cameras into a digital system and have images stored on a hard disk at a remote location for convenience and security purposes. You don't need to buy and change video tapes, or service the video recorder. Digital storage also reduces the risk of image degradation and provides quick and easy search capabilities.

Protect Previous Investments
The DVS-104 integrates easily with your existing analog CCTV (closed circuit television) system. You can get all the digital benefits without scrapping your investment in an analog system.

Remote Access
The DVS-104 digitizes analog video signals and distributes digital images directly over an IP-based network, effectively turning your analog cameras into network cameras and enables you to view live images from a Web browser . The DVS-104 allows you to remotely view live digital images derived from your analog cameras at any time, from any location using a networked computer. Y ou can check on alarms while on the road or from the convenience of your own home. Images from an alarm event could be easily distributed via computer networks to many people in different locations for further examination.
Easy to Install & Use
With the DVS-104, you can have a professional surveillance application up and running in minutes. It is easy to install. Simply plug your analog cameras into the server and images can be transmitted via a LAN, DSL, or analog modem. All that is needed on the receiving end is a networked computer with a Web browser . With a network computer is already in place, you save on the infrastructure cost.

Connectable to Control Equipment
Through the built-in RS-232 serial ports, you can control equipment such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. Inputs can be used to trigger the server to start transmitting images. The DVS-104 can also be connected to special cameras such as super sensitive black/white cameras, miniature cameras or microscope cameras.

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