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Internet Camera

The DCS-1000 series Internet Camera is a standalone system connecting directly to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. This camera also supports wireless transmission based on the IEEE 802.11b standard.

All-in-one System
This Internet Camera is different from conventional PC cameras in that it is an all-in-one system with built-in CPU and web-based solutions.  The camera  provides a low cost solution for transmission of high quality video images for monitoring.  It can be managed remotely, accessed and controlled from any desktop or notebook PC over the Intranet or Internet via a web browser.

Image Monitoring From Multiple Users
Up to 64 users can log onto the camera at the same time to monitor images.  The camera utilizes the JPEG image compression technology, providing high quality images for users.  JPEG is adopted since it is a standard for image compression and can be applied to various web browser and application software without the need to install extra software.

Flexible Wireless Transmission Range
Model DCS-1000W camera comes with a wireless LAN interface. The antenna of this wireless camera can be changed for a variety of reasons such as extending the wireless transmission range. Generally the wireless distance can go up to 100 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors.  The range are limited by the number of walls, ceilings, or other objects that the wireless signals must pass through.  Typical ranges vary depends on the types of materials and background Radio Frequency (RF) noise in your home or business and the configuration setting of your network environment.

Image Capture and Recording
You can capture images both as snapshots of single images or video images from the IPView application supplied with the CD-ROM of the camera.

Indoor Installation
The Internet camera is designed for use indoors. It is not weatherproof, and  needs to be equipped with a weatherproof case to be used outdoors.

Connection to Ethernet-based Server
The camera provides a 10/100Mbps port, allowing connection to a Fast Ethernet server.  The camera can be connected to a LAN with private IP addresses.

Firewall Installation
If a firewall exists on the network, port 80 is open for ordinary data communication.  However, since the camera transmits image data, the default port 8481 is also required.  It is necessary to open port 8481 of the network for remote users to access the camera.


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