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Pan & Tilt Wireless N Network Camera

Full-featured wireless SURVEILLANCE camera
D-Link DCS-5230 is a pan and tilt wireless network camera, ideal for small-to-medium business applications and remote monitoring over the Internet. The DCS-5230 is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor, built-in IR LED for low-light capture, micro SD card slot for front-end storage and a WPS button for home users to set up a wireless connection within minutes. It also features a built-in infrared LED for night surveillance. DCS-5230 introduces a 1.3 megapixel image sensor that is capable of 10 frames per second at full 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution, and 30 frames per second in 640 x 480 pixels VGA mode. Megapixel resolution provides stunning detail and clarity that is not seen in traditional analog and VGA cameras. In addition they provide large images, and greater power supply and consumption savings in comparison with the CCD sensor.

With sharp, responsive pan/tilt movement and digital zoom, DCS-5230 can monitor from different angles and quickly orientates to focus on any detail. In addition, this camera is designed as a standalone system with a CPU, web server, 16x digital zoom, and advanced video/audio surveillance remote monitoring utility. DCS-5230 provides high quality real-time videos in MPEG-4 and JPEG compression with QVGA/VGA/XGA/SXGA resolution for smoother performance.

A live feed from the camera can be accessed on a 3G mobile network by using a compatible mobile phone or PDA with a 3G video player. Users have a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor a home or office in real time from anywhere within their 3GP service area.

To save disk space and time, images can be recorded to a hard drive only when motions are detected. This eliminates the need for round-the-clock non-stop surveillance. Images can be recorded manually or by a pre-set schedule. Playback consumes little time with triggered event browsing and fast database searching. Users can also set up automated e-mail alerts for all the unusual events. D-ViewCam is included for monitoring and managing 32 cameras in a single display from a central location. Furthermore, the camera provides a Privacy Mode option. Users can set a schedule to hide the camera lens. So, when the camera enters into the privacy mode, the lens rotates backwards and hides to protect the privacy of the owner. The camera adheres to the Universal Plug-n-Play specification, which allows computers running on Windows XP/Vista to automatically recognize the camera and add it to the network. Users can sign up with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services available on the web and assign an easy-to-remember name and domain to the camera (e.g. ww.mycamera.myddns.com).This allows them to remotely access the camera without having to remember the IP address.

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