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1-ch MPEG4 Video Server
Transform existing hardware
The DVS-210-1 1-Ch MPEG4 Video Server makes it possible to integrate a pre-existing analog surveillance infrastructure into a fully-functional IP surveillance system. The DVS-210-1 is an ideal choice for banks, airports, factories, government buildings, prisons, and traffic surveillance applications - any location where surveillance equipment is already installed and functioning.
Manage, Record, and view Video with ease
The hardware encoder supports MPEG-4 / MJPEG video with frame rates of up to 30fps at D1 resolution. D-Link’s intuitive D-ViewCam management software provides a robust platform for configuring and controlling one or many iP cameras and video servers. Intuitive controls allow you to manage and control live video with ease.
Simplify surveillance with advanced Alarms and events
Alarm handling features provide alerts in the event of loss of video or loss of network connection. Motion alarms with configurable detection areas allow for effective surveillance and help to mitigate the need for constant human supervision. A buffer system allows the server to capture images to the built-in SD card slot both before and after an event occurs.
Robust management software
D-ViewCam is a software program that allows you to view up to 32 cameras on a singer computer screen from a central location. Motion detection and digital input devices trigger automated e-mail alerts that can instantly inform administrators of unusual activities.
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