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Network Video Recorder (NVR) with two drive bays
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Operating system
• Linux

Supported cameras
• Supports all network cameras D-Link. Includes support for automatic detection and resolution to 1.3 Megapixels.

Recording speed
• Up to 120fps (NTSC) / 100fps (PAL) for D1

Search for the camera
• UPnP

Recording Audio and Video
• Record synchronized audio and video

Compression Format
• MPEG-4, M-JPEG (on supported cameras)

Setting up Video
• Resolution, quality, frame rate, to include audio, go to the camera interface

Type of record
• Scheduled recording manually
• Remote viewing of video in real time
• Support for remote viewing via Internet Explorer
• Maximum number of simultaneous channels viewed - 4

Managing remote video in real time
• Video in real time, preset (preset) / go (go), control, focus, function PTZ, remote IO (only the DNS-726-4), freeze-frame, full-screen mode, digital zoom

Managing remote playback
• Playing with the functions of the usual rewind, fast forward / backward and step forward / backward
• Intelligent detection Smart Search (for DNS-726-4): General Motion (basic movement), Missing Object (lost object), Foreign Object (unfamiliar object), Camera Occlusion (Blackout camera), Lose Focus (Losing focus)

Remote playback
• Playing through Internet Explorer and the NVR-client
• System of playing with the scale of time, searching for the event, area, cameras, date and time
• IE and NVR-client support playback of a single channel
• Digital zoom a particular area

Function overwrite (Dubbing)
• Auto recycling when a crowded hard drive space

Exporting files
• Export of video files to AVI or ASF (ASF marked time)
• Export of video files to BMP, and JPG

User account
• You can create additional user accounts to allow users access to the system, as well as to determine authorization for channels cameras, PTZ, etc.

• Support DDNS-server D-Link

System time
• Setting the system time (D-Link NTP, time entry, sync with your computer, saving time)

Remote backup
• Remote software can create a backup copy of the raw data on a secondary storage device

System status
• Status cameras, System Status

Network service
• DHCP-client
• NTP-client (D-Link)
• DNS-client
• DDNS-client (D-Link)
• SMPT-client
• HTTP-server
• UPnP
• Filtering IP-addresses

User interface
• Internet Explorer v6 or higher
• NVR Search Tool

• IEEE 802.3/u/z
• Auto MDI / MDI-X

HDD (Hard Disk)
• Control your hard drive and control a computer
• Reformatting a hard disk
• RAID 0, 1

Two modes of reset (reset to factory settings)
• Button Reset firmware GUI (reset the firmware to factory settings)
• Button HW Reset (Hardware Reset to factory settings), you must hold for 5 seconds

Flash ROM
• 32MB

• 128MB DDR

Network Interface
• LAN-port Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbit / s)

I/O ports
• Port RJ45 x 1
• Connector DC-in x1
• USB-port for updating the status of the UPS (optional)

Power adapter
• 3A 12VDC, 5V DC 3A

Reset button
• Resetting to factory default settings

• Lock the front panel
• Lock the device

• DVR NVR with two compartments
• Power Adapter
• Ethernet Cable
• Quick Installation Guide
• Clamp the power cable
• Keys
• CD-ROM c:
  - Software
  - Product documentation

• Simultaneous playback of 1 channel
• View the video in real time
• Support for UPS w / USB
• Export of images / video
• Physical Security
• Support for RAID
• Remote backup
• Scheduled Recording / Manual
• Support for Camera D-Link


Power consumption

• Max. amount of energy consumed: 23.59 Watt
• Max. amount of energy consumed in mode standby: 7,26 Watt

• 198 x 104 x 132

• 1.23 kg

• Operating: 0 ˚ to 55 ˚ C
• Storage: -20 ˚ to 70 ˚ C

• Operating: 5% to 90% (no condensation)

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