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Outdoor Wireless 802.11n HD IP-Camera
Outdoor Wireless 802.11n HD IP-Camera DCS-2332L with mydlink enabled cloud service is designed to provide day and night outdoor surveillance.
Day and HD video surveillance
DCS-2332L is equipped with a megapixel sensor and allows you to create clear and detailed images in HD resolution up to 720p.Applies the ePTZ you can zoom, rotate the camera image, which in turn provides an overview of a large area.
Built-in ICR-filter during the day does not pass infrared light, which helps to ensure a high-quality image. At night, the ICR-filter shifted to the side to use a wide range of radiation for video surveillance in low light conditions, and with infrared illumination allows monitoring even in complete darkness.
Outdoor video surveillance
DCS-2332L is designed to provide outdoor surveillance and executed in weatherproof housing with degree of protection against ingress of moisture and dust IP-65. Wireless connectivity of 802.11n dramatically simplifies installation and allows you to set the camera to any location within range of a wireless network. 
Remote access through the service mydlink
Video Camera DCS-2332L supports cloud service mydlink, allowing you to access and configure the camera remotely over the Internet, regardless of location. You can view the camera image in real time over the Web-site mydlink, or you can download the mobile app mydlink and monitor directly to your mobile device with iOS or Android. Watch out for the house when you're at work or supervise work in the office when you're on the road, with the help of service mydlink. 
Zero Configuration Mechanism
If there is a router with support for cloud service mydlink configure the network camera does not pose any difficulty thanks to the automatic adjustment Zero Configuration. To do this, simply connect the power adapter to the camera, and the camera - to the router using an Ethernet-cable, and the device will automatically be added to your account. Mydlink service allows even the most inexperienced user to quickly and easily configure the camera that supports the cloud.
DCS-2332L has a number of features that extend the capabilities of surveillance and make the camera ideal for a variety of tasks. Passive infrared (PIR) detects movement near the camera, allowing it to automatically record video and send a notification when motion is detected. Built-in microphone and speaker allow two-way communication and can be useful when using the camera at the entrance to the building.
Ready, scalable solution for video surveillance
DCS-2332L is a standalone solution for video surveillance lets you record still images and video to a MicroSD card and does not require a PC or network storage device. 
Options to expand video surveillance kit includes software D-ViewCam, providing the opportunity to control up to 32 cameras with a wide range of functions, including viewing of multiple cameras and automatic e-mail alert to suspicious or unusual activity.
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