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External Fixed Dome Full HD IP-camera
External Fixed Dome Full HD IP-Camera DCS-6314 is the ideal solution for creating a system of professional high-definition video, and security of small, medium and large enterprises. The camera is equipped with a two-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS-sensor with progressive scan and supports WDR, which allows to obtain excellent image quality in all conditions. With its robust design, "all in one" camera ideally suited to the surveillance system and requires no additional accessories.
High Quality Video
To maximize bandwidth efficiency and higher image quality, DCS-6314 compresses the video in real time using the codec H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, and supports three separate profile for the simultaneous transmission of video in real time and recording . This property provides a wide range of applications for security cameras, for example, observation of public spaces for the detection of incidents and coordinating the response, control of restricted areas, deterring criminal activity or surveillance assets.
Continuous surveillance
Video Camera DCS-6314 with the WDR sensor delivers excellent image quality but with uneven lighting that allows the identification of the subject lit from behind, or shooting in very bright light. In dark places, ICR-cut filter is automatically shifted to the side to accept a wider range of light for video surveillance. Also, the camera DCS-6314 is equipped with a built-in infrared LEDs that allow the camera to observe, even in total darkness at a distance of 15 m The combination of these features makes the DCS-6314 an ideal solution for day and night surveillance.
Reliable management software
As with the camera DCS-6314 includes D-ViewCam - software for video surveillance systems, allowing you to view images, manage, and to record up to 32 cameras on a single computer. In addition, we can activate e-mail alerts when motion is detected or when the signal to the digital input.
Connection flexibility
Camera DCS-6314 is equipped with built-in PoE standard 802.3af, simplifying installation by providing a supply and connection to the network using one Ethernet-cable, and thus eliminating the need for drilling holes and laying additional cables. In addition, the digital inputs and outputs allow you to connect external devices such as IR sensors, switches and alarm relays.
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